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1.) New to Hollywood OS® and Our Publications?

Subscribe and begin reviewing casting information. Once your online account is completed, your profile will be automatically be placed into our search engine and database. There, qualified casting directors will be able to view your contact information, statistics and photographs when they are casting or searching for your "type."  Anyone can set up a free profile, upload a photo and be "searchable."

2.) All-Inclusive

Hollywood OS® is a publishing company and supplies casting content in print and online. (Our books "EXTRA" WORK for Brain Surgeons® or KIDS' ACTING for Brain Surgeons® rock - see the reviews!) All account options and subscriptions include complete access and unlimited use. This platform and this philosophy has successfully worked for over 16 years in business.

3.) Benefits Include:

• Review casting information.

• Manage and update your profile.

• Control your photos.

• Hardcopy directory of your choice.

• Post for rush calls.

Some media companies, websites, services, management firms or casting companies will charge you a registration fee, an exorbitant monthly fee, a few bucks to submit to casting notices AND a 20% percent commission. Some even charge up to $50 per image, per change, per upload.

NOT US. How does charging a premium for your photos help you get work? It doesn't. It simply creates a great revenue source for the company controlling your career. The idea is for you to market your different "looks" and increase your work opportunities. Not gauge you for photos! Not cool.

As a subscriber, if you have set up a profile, you have COMPLETE control over your information and photos. We do not lock them down or charge you additional money for updating or swapping them out.

4.) No "Extra" Fees... Dumb Pun Intended...

When you subscribe to Hollywood OS®, EVERYTHING IS INCLUDED, even a copy of our best-selling publications, "EXTRA" WORK for Brain Surgeons® or KIDS' ACTING for Brain Surgeons®. No additional, penny-pinching fees!

• NO CHARGE per photo.
• NO CHARGE to change your primary photo for casting directors to view.
• NO CHARGE to scan your photos.
• NO CHARGE for us to take your photos.
• NO CHARGE to upload additional photos whether you do it or we do it for you.
• NO CHARGE to edit your photos.
• NO CHARGE to delete your photos.
• NO CHARGE per submission.
• NO commission.
• NO first month or last month fees.
• NO extra registration fees.

5.) Once Your Account is Created, Your Profile and Photos Are Searchable!

What does this mean? If you are a previous subscriber or your subscription is about to lapse, you still have access to edit your information, post for rush calls and review content and forum postings. Bottom line, even if you are not a paid up, current subscriber of Hollywood OS®, you still benefit from your original subscription.

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