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Hollywood OS« was founded to help others avoid casting scams.

Our best-selling publications "KIDS' ACTING for Brain Surgeons« and "EXTRA" WORK for Brain Surgeons« were written to protect and inform talent about corrupt organizations. Many of these individuals charge exorbitant fees, by making false promises and/or presenting themselves as something they are not.

Many actors spend gobs of hard-earned money without any means to acquire work. Anyone can have a fancy website or office space. Whether you've signed up in person or online, a majority of advertiser driven companies are nothing but a big, fat rip-off!

We want you, to help us, so that we can help everyone and prevail against these unscrupulous "scammers." If you have had a "quality" experience with some crap company, let us know so we can help others avoid the same pitfalls.

Please complete the form below. Our goal is to help the acting community any way we can! 



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