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I can't log in. It just reloads the page. Help!

Got it. Sounds like you may need to delete the "cookies" and "cache" in your internet browser.

Here's how:

For PC or MAC Users:
This issue has to do with your Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or AOL browser settings.
In your browser find something called Tools. This setting can be found under the Edit or File Menu.
Next, locate another link called Internet Options: Under the first tab "General" click the button "Delete Cookies".
Restart your browser from scratch. Now try to log in.

To clear your "cookies" on AOL using Windows, follow these steps:
Open your AOL account.
Click the Settings button on the toolbar (My AOL for older versions).
Select Preferences from the drop-down list. Select Internet Properties (WWW) on the right-hand side (older versions will show a WWW box).
In the middle of the Internet Options box is a section called Temporary Internet Files.
Click Delete Files. Place a tick in the Delete All Offline Content box and click OK.

For MAC Users using AOL:
To clear your cookies on AOL using Mac, follow these steps:
Click My AOL from the menu bar at the top of your browser.
Click Preferences.
Click the WWW icon on the left side.
On the right-hand side, click Empty Cache Now. Click the Advanced Settings button (this will launch a new window for Advanced Settings).
To the left under Receiving, click Cookies. Highlight all cookies and press Delete on the keyboard.



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