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Signing Up
How and where to sign up?

1.) Online.

2.) In person at our Burbank, California office.

What is your address and office hours?

New Hollywood OS® office hours will be announced soon. Check our homepage for updates.

Our address is 3108 W. Magnolia Blvd., Burbank, California, 91505.

(The major cross streets are Hollywood Way and Buena Vista Street.)

Questions, comments, concerns:  (310) 289-9400 or (310) 277-1007

Where can I park?
Dude, all over. It's Burbank and parking is FREE! No meters, people!
Do I need to make an appointment?
New office hours will be announced soon. Check the homepage of the website for updates.
What kind of payments do you accept?
All major credit cards, debit cards, checks, cash, and money orders.
How much does it cost to subscribe?

If you are NEW, click the "Talent" button on the homepage of Hollywood OS®. There you will find rates for both adults and children. There are several account options to choose from to accommodate your schedule and your budget. Pricing includes a copy of "EXTRA" WORK for Brain Surgeons® or KIDS' ACTING for Brain Surgeons® and Exclusive Online Access 24/7, including new advance casting notices and information.

Are there any extra fees when subscribing?
No. There are no extra hidden charges while you are an active subscriber. No registration fee. No charge per submission. No commission. No charge to change your primary image. No charge to edit your photos. No charge to add additional photos within your subscription photo limit.
How do I edit my profile?
Log in to your account and click the "My Profile" link on the left-hand toolbar. Now click "Edit Profile." This will allow you to input your Contact Information, Stats, General, Skills, Vehicles, Pets and Bio. With each page/tabbed section you update, be sure to press the "Update" button at the bottom of the page so your new information is saved.
I want to delete my photos and the site won't let me. Can I delete my photos and add more?

If you are a current, paid-up subscriber, you should not have any trouble adding, editing, rearranging, retitling or deleting your photos. If you are having trouble, please e-mail us or give us a call at (310) 289-9400 and we can look into the matter further.

If you do NOT have a current, active subscription, unfortunately, no. You lose access to freely change, add, update, and edit your photos. (Might be time to renew your subscription.)

My monthly payments have not been going through. I now have the funds. Help!

No problem! You can personally get your account back up and running! Log in using your username and password. Now, click the "Account" link. A new page will load. In the middle of the screen, there should be a link that says "Resume Contract." Click on that link. It will ask you to enter in your credit card. Once you have updated that information, it will charge you the appropriate amount that is due and will immediately get your account reinstated.

You may also call us at (310) 289-9400 or e-mail info(at) and we can get this back up and running for you as well.

I have a new credit card number. How do I update my credit card information with you?
You can update your credit card directly online at any time. Simply log in using your username and password. Now, click the "Account" link. A new page will load. You should see a series of tabs in the middle of the page. Click on the "Update Credit Credit Card" tab. There you will be able to update your credit card information.

You may also call us directly at (310) 289-9400 or (310) 277-1007 and we can get your new credit card on file.
When I click on a casting notice title it takes me to a blank white page/blank screen.
Simple. Your subscription has expired and it is time to renew your account!
My subscription has expired. How do I renew my subscription to Hollywood OS®?
Easy. There are 3 ways you can renew your account and get back up and running.

1.) Renew your subscription directly online. This can be done by you at any time. Simply log in using your username and password. Now, click the "Account" link. A new page will load. You should see a series of tabs in the middle of the page. Click on the the "Subscribe" tab. You should see a number of subscription option to choose from. Select the option of your choice."

2.)  In person. Be sure to check out our weekly office hours on the homepage. Updated office hours can be found under the "Contact" section in the lower right hand corner of the website. Thanks!

3.) Over the phone. Please call (310) 289-9400 or (310) 277-1007 and we can get you back up and running.
I am not a paid-up member. How do I update my information?
Your account is always available to you to adjust whether you are a current member or not. You may at ANY time update your profile, contact information, statistics. You ALWAYS have access to do this for free by logging in and clicking "Edit Profile" and saving that new information.
My subscription has expired. Why am I still getting casting alerts?

Once your subscription expires or lapses, your profile turns into a Free Account. Therefore, you will still continue to get notifications and casting alerts. CD's will also be able to contact you via private messenger and e-mail through the Hollywood OS system. (A current e-mail address is critical for everyone, current or non-current.)

Sure, you can absolutely "disable" the alerts and e-mail notifications within your account, no problem. However, with more casting directors booking and communicating with talent by e-mail through our system, there is almost no reason to have a profile. We don't want to waste your time and we certainly don't want to waste their time.

Please e-mail us at info(at) if you would in fact like us to delete your profile.

Where can I "disable", "unsubscribe," or "reactivate" the advanced casting alerts?
Log into your account. Click on "My Profile" in the menu area to the left. Under that will be "Edit Profile." Once you click on the "Edit Profile" link, in the middle of the page closer to the right will be a tab called "Login." There you can check or uncheck the advanced casting alerts.
Can I remove my e-mail address?
Much like your phone number, an e-mail address is now the go to form of communication for many casting directors who use the Hollywood OS® system. An e-mail address is required to set up an account. More casting directors are booking talent directly by e-mail. They are sending maps, call times, locations, wardrobe notes, checking avail, etc. The e-mail address you have listed should be current and accurate. If you would like your email address removed from our system, at this stage in the game, we'd simply suggest deleting your profile.
I already have an account with Hollywood OS®, how do I renew?
Simply log into your account and click on "Account." There you will be able to renew directly online and select which subscription works best for you. If you have any login problems or questions, you may call us at (310) 289-9400 or e-mail us at info(at)
Do you have a hotline I can call in for work? How do I get work?
No hotline. All casting notices that the individual casting directors post are online at, which you have access to view and submit to if you are a paid-up subscriber. Otherwise, casting directors do various talent searches every day and will contact you when needed.
I moved. How do I update my information?
You can update your profile online once you login whether you are a current member or not. Your account is always available to you to adjust.
I logged in, but it says my account has expired. Now what?
If your account is "expired," it simply means that you are not a current subscriber to Hollywood OS® and you do not have complete access online to submit for work and freely update your photographs. (So renew already!)
How do I cancel my subscription?

Summary: All cancellations must be in writing and are not accepted over the phone. You may send an e-mail to cancel(at), use the "Contact Us" form, directly online, send a letter via snail-mail. Please be sure to state the full name you have on file with us. We require 30 days written notice for all cancellation requests. As outlined in the accepted Terms of Use, cancellations cannot be done over the phone or by voicemail. Additionally, there are no refunds for any subscription period. Office hours are seasonal and updated on the homepage of the website.


30 Days Notice in Writing:

If you are receiving this e-mail, it means we have in fact received your cancellation containing your 30 days notice from the date you sent IN your (first) written cancellation. Just as the outbound voicemail states, all information, including "canceling" information can be found in the upper right hand corner "Search Box" of the website. No need to write multiple cancellations. No need to call random casting directors asking them to get your account cancelled...

This is a cancellation to your online subscription to This is an interactive internet website. All cancellations and correspondence must be IN WRITING. Cancellations are NOT accepted over the phone OR left by voicemail message. It is NOT necessary to cancel in person. This is an online / digital subscription with ALL of your information contained within your own, personal, account accessible by YOU at any time. 


Billing "Hold" Lapse in Payment "Skipping" a Month or Subscription "Pause":

Does not exist. There is no "hold" period for any subscription or subscription period. If you need to restart your subscription, there is no option that continues or begins at the discounted rate of $19.99 a month.


Specific Subscription Details Directly in Your Account:

All information about YOUR personal subscription expiration date is conveniently located within your OWN subscriber account under the "My Account" link. This can be located once you are logged into your profile. 


Cancellation Procedure is on Every Page of the Site, Whether You are Logged in or Not:

Canceling your subscription is simple, as the cancellation information is displayed on EVERY SINGLE PAGE OF THE WEBSITE, whether you are logged into your profile or not. It is set it up this way so that no one can EVER state they did not have the information OR could not find the information OR was not contacted / called OR emailed back. All details are there and easy to find, read, print and refer to at all times. 

In the upper right hand corner is a keyword "Search Box." There you can type in the word "cancel" and retrieve ANY and ALL detailed information on canceling. As you will see, it is the VERY FIRST ITEM that comes up, when doing a search for the word "cancel." Therefore, it is NOT possible to not have had this information. 


Same Cancellation Policy Since 2005:

Seriously, nothing new. The cancellation policy has been the same since 2005, as outlined in the accepted Terms of Use. There are NO refunds for ANY subscription period. It is YOUR responsibility to maintain your account and understand your subscription period and terms.


Full Name, User/Billing/Profile/Account Name and Accurate Email Address:

Please. When emailing your cancellation, be sure to state the FULL (accurate) name you use with your Hollywood OS subscription. The BILLING name (if it is different). The EMAIL ADDRESS affiliated with your account. The USERNAME on your account. There are many users with similar names. There are many users with entirely DIFFERENT names. There are many users with MULTIPLE names. Emailing from your iPhone, while using a synonym, from another email account and/or not stating who you are is not particularly helpful.


Other Email Addresses You May Have Sent Emails To:

If you emailed " This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it " those messages will be forwarded to our billing department (i.e. This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ). If you have emailed " This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it " or " This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it " we will NOT get that correspondence, as those emails specifically state, "they are outbound email receipts for your records only and do NOT reply (to them) as they are NOT checked."


About Your Account and Photographs:

You may receive additional information via e-mail about what happens to your account, profile and photographs upon the canceling of your subscription.


Seasonal Office Hours/Address:

Office hours vary due to season and holidays and appointments. Be sure to check the homepage for updated dates and times in the lower right hand corner. Our address: 3108 W. Magnolia Blvd., Burbank, CA 91505. (310) 289-9400. Our primary email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

How/where do I change my password?
Once logged into your account, click on the "My Profile" link. Under that you will see the "Edit Profile" link. Click on that. A new page will pop up. Click on the "Login" tab. There you will see a place to enter and re-enter your NEW password.

Click the "Update" button at the button. This will save the changes you've made and you're all set!
I lost my password! Can I retrieve it?
Of course you can! Click here or the "Lost Password" link on the homepage and we will email you a new one. If  you do not want one emailed, give us a call at (310) 289-9400 and we can issue you a new over the phone.
I am available for RUSH calls today and tomorrow. How do I let Casting Directors know this?
List yourself on the Rush Call Board, it's easy! Login to your account, click on "Rush Call List." Once the next page loads you'll see a link that says: "New Thread." Click this link and input the form that loads on the next page.

In your posting you should ALWAYS state the following:
-Union status
-What city or zip code you will be in on the day you are available.
(Note: There is no need to list your phone numbers/email address here, as it
automatically appears when the casting directors view your profile.)

Once you've finished all of that, simply click “Submit” to post your availability.


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