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How to upload photos to my profile?
Simple. Log into your account. To the left, click on the "Photos" link. There you will see an "Edit Photos" link. This is where you can upload your own photographs. As a current subscriber, you can always upload your own pictures, on your computer, iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry and other smartphone devices, anytime you'd like, for free!  if you have trouble, email them to our photo department for upload. That e-mail address is photos(at) Be sure to state the full name you signed up with as the subject of your e-mail. You must send each photo individually in a separate e-mail, as high quality headshot files are often large files. (For example, Gmail has a 12mb size limit.) 
When uploading photos, it says the file is too big and/or it doesn't recognize the file type. Help!

Oy, we understand your frustration. There is a simple solution. Please make sure your image files are properly resized and NO LARGER than 3" wide by 4" tall and 72dpi.

With regard to the file "type." Make sure that you are uploading jpeg, jpg, and png image files only.

Once you adjust your image size(s), you shouldn't encounter any trouble uploading them. Again, if you need help uploading your photos, you may e-mail them to photos(at) and we can properly resize and post them at no additional cost.

Where can I e-mail photos?
If you are a current subscriber who needs assistance uploading your photos, by all means e-mail them over. There is no additional fee to do this.

The e-mail address is photos(at)

Please make sure to state the full name you signed up with as the subject of your e-mail. Also, we suggest sending your photographs individually, each in a separate e-mail. Sometimes people send over colossally large files (like 24 inches by 48 inches) from their phone that we cannot open. While we try to upload them within 24 to 48 hours, we cannot promise that. Sometimes this process can take 5 to 7 business days.
What is the difference between "Verified" photos and "Unverified" photos?

Note that any photos you add will remain "Unverified." The words "Verified" and "Unverified" are terms we use solely to distinguish whether the photo was taken by Hollywood OS® or outside of the office. Whether or not your photo status is "Verified" or "Unverified," it is still searchable and viewable to casting directors. Photos 1 year or older should not be uploaded. Typically CDs will prefer to cast someone who has had a current photo taken.

The Casting Directors (CDs) who use this website prefer the photos WE take in our office because they are:

a. A 3/4 shot, which means 3/4 of your body (just above the knees to your head)

b. Against a perfectly white background

c. In color

d. Current!

CDs use this website and rely on its accuracy. If your photos do not represent you well, that ultimately reflects poorly on Hollywood OS® and CDs may be less inclined to use our website if they are unhappy with the photos online. This affects not only our reputation, but yours as well. Please do not be offended if we give you our honest opinion about your photos. We WANT you on set and working! Sometimes the photo you are emotionally attached to will not necessarily land you the gig. We would hate for you to miss a casting opportunity because your photos prevented you from getting that job. We hope you understand our position. Thanks for letting us preach to the choir.



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