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I worked on a project months ago and I still haven't received a paycheck!
Good question! There are a few appropriate steps. Although it's tempting to skip the first few, try to do them in order. Hollywood OS® has nothing to do with you getting paid from working on set. Nor does the actual casting director. They simply post casting notices and book you via the Hollywood OS® website. However, if you are in fact having trouble getting paid from a job, we want to hear about it!

Remember that voucher you filled out on set? Remember the copy of that voucher you were given when you signed out at out wrap time? Blammo! The payroll company is actually the employer of record and it is the payroll company who is responsible for issuing your check. There are a few appropriate steps to inquiring about your check. Although it's tempting to skip the first few, try to do them in order.

Step 1: Call the number of the payroll company listed on your voucher. It's there, usually in small print. Again, it sounds crazy, but the payroll company is ultimately your official employer of record. When you call them, ask if they have issued a check to you yet. They will need your name, the number on your voucher, your complete address, and your Social Security number. If they didn't issue you a check yet, the production probably didn't pay them yet.

If you did not get a voucher from the job you worked or calling the payroll company didn't help, go to step 2. (However, don't go right to step 3 because you're lazy or lost your voucher.) Nine times out of ten a lost check is due to bad handwriting on your voucher. In the future, always make sure your handwriting is legible.

Step 2: Contact the casting director (CD) who chose/hired you. You can find most of their numbers and e-mails (time for a shameless plug) in our awesome book "EXTRA" WORK for Brain Surgeons®. For our subscribers, there is also a payroll link once logged into the Hollywood OS® website. If they do not respond to you or you cannot find their information, go to step 3.

Step 3: Shoot us an e-mail at info(at) (with the same information you would have provided to the payroll company—see step 2), and we will forward that information on to the appropriate casting director. Additionally, it will be helpful for you to try to remember as much about the original posting and/or job as you can, i.e., project title, casting director, date the job worked, how many hours/days, day or night shoot, date when the notice was posted on our site, etc.


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