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You! Every day casting directors log into Hollywood OS® to find a specific person, certain "type," specialized skill, child, car, pet, photo double, stand-in or celebrity/political look-a-like. In a search, will "you" be found?


• Just moved here?

• Curious about the business?

• Union actor trying to make your health insurance?

• Looking to make extra money?

• Bored and retired?

Ever wanted to be in the movies or your favorite TV show? Well, you can, and it's simple. You don't need any experience or pricey headshots. You can be any type, any shape, any size, any ethnicity, and any age.

You've heard of "extra work" (politically correct term "background acting"), but you don't how to get started or where to begin. It that's the case, you've come to the right place! If you are looking for casting information for work as a background actor, stand-in, photo double, and other random acting opportunities, welcome to Hollywood OS®!


Are you a "regular" stand-in for a particular actor?  Do you have experience?

Everyday casting directors log in to find someone specific. If you do not have a updated profile, you will not be found. Don’t miss a casting opportunity!

Photo Doubles

Have you photo doubled an actor? Backside? Frontside? Nose?

Be a name dropper. List your credits on Hollywood OS® and be considered for the gig!


Do people say you look like “someone?”

Did you know that your photographs on Hollywood OS® are searchable to casting directors? Upload your best celebrity or political look-a-like pictures and be found. In a search, will you be found?


Does your child have a specific skill or an interest as an actor? Before spending wads of cash with some "talent scout" that approached you in the mall, consider "background acting" (extra work) as your starting point.

Minors from 1 month to 17 years old, all types and ethnicities are used on set and cast as background actors. If your child has a current work permit and Coogan account, they are ready to work, test the waters and get started! 

Requirements for Minors:

1.) Current Work Permit

2.) Coogan Account


New car? Old car? Upscale? Vintage? Classic? Beater? See the cars while watching your favorite movie or TV show? (Even average, everyday cars are cast on "car calls.")

If you have a mode of transportation that is unique and specific, get it on file!


Does your "best friend" have movie star quality? Can they take direction well? Do they display a good temperament? If your pet has a current license, get your little buddy registered for some background work!

Even your pet can make some "extra" money!

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