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"EXTRA" WORK For Brain Surgeons®

Author:  Angela Bertolino
Rating:  Must Read!
Publisher:  Hollywood OS
Web Page:  www.Hollywood
Reviewed by:  Heather Froeschl

Have you ever longed to walk through a scene on a set featuring your favorite soap stars? Have you wondered how you could be one of those people eating pasta in a restaurant scene behind the great actors like George Clooney or Will Smith?

If you’ve been trying to break into the Extra world you absolutely have to have a copy of “Extra Work For Brain Surgeons.” It is the extreme guide to Extra-hood. Honestly, I don’t know where else you would look for this much helpful information. Having been there (Los Angeles) and done that (paying way too high registration fees for not much return) Co-Founder and CEO Angela Bertolino decided it was time that there was a truly helpful guide for newbies to the extra set. Teaming up with Co-Founder Carla Lewis, Hollywood OS was born.

Now, this annual directory is a must have for every walk on wannabe. You’ll find it all here…what exactly you can expect as an extra, why you’d want to be a member of SAG or AFTRA, how to get paid for extra-extra work, what vouchers are, what the new point system is going to be like, how to get your name and headshots out there, why you should register and how much you can expect to pay for registering with casting companies, and oh so much more.

This is truly the “how-to” guide for actors and actresses wanting to do walk-ons. More than that though, it is a why-to, when-to, who-to go to book. And then there is the whole second half of the book that lists casting companies, what their fees are, what types they usually cast, how long they’ve been in business, what they won’t tolerate from background actors, what they will allow, what they will do for you, and inside scoops. Looking for an agent? The book will give you pointers. Need help with your resume? Yep, that too. Don’t know what a “meat axe” could be? How about a “wigwag?” Don’t worry! The book even has a glossary of unusual acting terms.

I live on the east coast, I don’t act and I’ve never had an interest in it. But this book could help even a person like me find work, if I moved to Hollywood. Yes, it is a regional guide, but I doubt there is a more comprehensive one out there! Not only that, but the book is entertaining. Written in an easy going, friendly voice, reminding readers not to skip certain sections and making even the mundane side of extra work interesting (filling out forms, taxes, and labor codes), “Background” actors will find the read not only imperative, but enjoyable.

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