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In this business, it’s all about knowledge, and knowledge is power. It allows you to find work, it creates avenues in which you can market yourself. Acting is a business, plain and simple. Once actors dive into that mode and realize the key to promoting themselves is hunting down that information, the more successful they will become.

Whether you are seeking stand-in work, photo-double work, background work or principal work, the bottom line is to be a step ahead of everyone else.

With that said, let us introduce Hollywood OS® - The Casting Magazine. This is the only magazine in existence dedicated to the craft of acting and casting. Chock full of information, from cover to cover, this little gem provides you with some firsthand, forward-thinking insight about how to obtain more work and market yourself!

Hollywood OS® Magazine Past Featured Articles:

icon DeeDeeArticle (5.45 MB)

icon JeffOlanMagazineArticlePDF (10.69 MB)

icon monica-cooper-article (973.20 KB)

icon Bill Dance Casting (883.55 KB)

icon Scotties Bodies (1.99 MB)

icon Written By: Casting Director CARLA LEWIS "How To Book The Job" (207.36 KB)

icon Written By: Casting Director TAMMY SMITH "Wardrobe Tips" (277.76 KB)

icon Written By: Casting Director TAMMY SMITH "Stand-In 101" (263.42 KB)

icon Written By: Casting Director RENITA WHITED (150.32 KB)

icon Written By: Casting Director TAMMY SMITH "SAG Vouchers" (202.16 KB)

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