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Angela Bertolino, CEO/Founder

Before there was Facebook or any other online "casting" networking resource, there was Hollywood OS®, established in 1997.

At the age of 18, Angela moved to Los Angeles with a dream and fell into Hollywood scams. At 21, she created the innnovative Hollywood Operating System® platform by connecting casting directors to talent, revolutionizing the entertainment industry.

Angela is also the author and publisher of best-selling book "EXTRA" WORK for Brain Surgeons® and KIDS' ACTING for Brain Surgeons®.

Check out Angela Bertolino profiled as the Cover Story in the September 2007 issue of the highly esteemed publication Women Business Magazine.

• The evolution of the Hollywood OS® and why it was founded.

• Why scam busting continues to be top priority, more than 13 years later!

• The latest publication receiving rave reviews, KIDS' ACTING for Brain Surgeons®.

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