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What makes us different?

Simple. Our founders were ripped off too! We were duped out of thousands of dollars by fraudulent companies selling overpriced headshots and expensive acting classes. Many “companies” claimed they could get us into the movies and make us “stars." Some, however, just disappeared overnight.

Hollywood OS® was founded in 1997, by a young 21 year-old whippersnapper named Angela Bertolino. It was established to help prevent people from getting scammed in the entertainment industry. To provide invaluable content and bring technology to an industry that so desperately needed efficiency.

14 years ago, there was no system or "social networking" available for talent, guiding them through the maze of misinformation about "the biz." Founder Angela Bertolino set out to create that innovative tool for others. (This is why we have offered a free profiles for over 14 years!)

The idea was to create a legitimate resource for newcomers and seasoned professionals seeking reliable casting information. Out of this, the guidebooks “EXTRA” WORK for Brain Surgeons® and KIDS' ACTING for Brain Surgeons® were born.

“Want to be in the movies?” Yes, of course you do and it shouldn’t cost you thousands of dollars! Every day dubious companies lure in innocent, unsuspecting souls by advertising in nonindustry publications and soliciting on telephone polls. Nowadays, supposed "casting" companies post bogus casting calls on fancy websites in hopes of taking people for obscene amounts of money and squashing dreams. This totally sucks. Hollywood OS® is an advocate for those taken advantage of in such unscrupulous ways.

Hollywood OS® has served for the city attorney’s office as an expert witness on casting scams in Southern California, beginning with the successful conviction of Premiere Casting in 1999. Our best selling directory “EXTRA” WORK for Brain Surgeons® was distributed throughout the courtroom as the material of reference to the judge and jurors. Kinda cool…

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