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New faces are needed every day. Whether you are a character actor, a model, a background actor, or have a child you'd like to get into "the biz," casting directors using the Hollywood Operating System® are searching for your “type.”

For more than 16 years, Hollywood Operating System® has been the innovative force revolutionizing the casting industry. Casting directors are now able to cast with ease, utilizing our system to locate actors, background actors, kids, pets, and cars of any specific characteristic, attribute, or capability.
The efficiency of the Hollywood OS® website has single-handedly changed the way casting is done. No more headshots, no more hard copy files, no more messengering over packages at the last minute. The system is electronic and instant. This interactive website is yet another means for casting directors and talent to connect, communicate, and get work.

New to Hollywood OS®?

Sign up in minutes and begin reviewing casting information. Once your online account is completed, your profile will be automatically be placed into our search engine and database. There, qualified casting directors will be able to view your contact information, statistics and photographs when they are casting or searching for your "type."

Talent With Previous Accounts!

Think you've had an account on Hollywood OS® before?

Not a current subscriber, but would like to update your information or photo on your profile? No problem.  

Here's a little intel on how how previous accounts work...


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